Website Registration Now Available: As many of you are aware, the northeast part of Japan was hit by a series of earthquakes. Kyoto is located in western Japan, and thankfully was left unscathed. The schedule for the SMBE2011 Kyoto Conference is unaffected and we would like to assure you that the conference is going ahead as planned.

SMBE 2011 – Annual Meeting of the Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution

July 26-30, 2011
Kyoto University, Japan

Lead organizers of SMBE 2011: Takashi Gojobori, Kazuho Ikeo, and Naruya Saitou (National Institute of Genetics, Mishima, Japan)

SMBE 2011 will be held in conjunction with the SESJ (Society of Evolutionary Studies, Japan) annual meeting, to be organized by Kiyokazu Agata (Kyoto University).