Dear SMBE members,

*Nominations for Pres-elect and 2 councillors due by May 22 2013*

I am writing to solicit nominations for SMBE President-Elect and 2 counsillors whose terms will begin on January 1, 2014. As the society grows and thrive, members of council play very important roles in guiding its development and in soliciting and implementing programs that support our members, enrich opportunities for young scientists from around the world, oversee our two excellent journals (MBE and GBE) as well as our annual meeting and new satellite meeting program.

Nominations will be reviewed by the nomination committee who will then put forward a slate of two candidates for each position for membership vote.
Michael Purugganan, Chair (New York University, NY)

Laura Landwebber (Princeton University, NJ)

Michael Nachman (University of Arizona, AZ)

Claudia Russo (Federal Univ of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Naoko Takezaki (Kagawa University, Japan)

James McInerney, SMBE Secretary (NUI, Ireland), ex officio per by-laws
Please send nominations with a brief statement in support of your suggestion (self nominations are accepted) to:

Michael Purugganan ( mp132 {a.t.} )

or James McInerney ( jmcinern {a.t.} )

by Monday May 22, 2013.

We look forward to hearing from you.
Sincerely yours,
James McInerney

Secretary of SMBE