Dear SMBE Members:

SMBE is accepting proposals to host its International Meeting in 2015. The meeting is usually held in June or July and attracts ~1500 scientists from throughout the world. The Society will accept proposals from any location, but the successful location will need to have a lecture venue of sufficient size to host plenary lectures for all attendees and will also need to be near housing, preferably with a wide variety of options.

Once a location is chosen, the local planning committee will be responsible for the academic program. The Society provides financial support to underwrite the hiring of a professional firm who will help secure facilities, develop a website and advertise the meeting.

This is a unique opportunity to host a premier, international meeting near your institution. If you are interested in hosting or have questions about the meeting, please address your enquires to SMBE President-Elect Brandon Gaut ( by 1 June 2013.