Hi folks,

As you probably know, Twitter uses Hashtags to group tweets together and if you look for a particular hashtag you can see all/many tweets that have used this hashtag.

Facebook has now introduced these as well.  Therefore, we are suggesting some hashtags that you can use on twitter and facebook so that we can add to the discussion and instantaneous analysis.  Also, if somebody cannot get to the meeting or if somebody cannot make a particular talk, then these hashtags can be useful in gathering the information together for the meeting.

So, please, if you are a twitter or FaceBook user, use these hashtags so that we can follow the conference.

As for policy on instantaneous reporting of the meeting on social media, we have used this policy in the past (it is enforced only by asking attendees to respect the wishes of the presenters, not by employing any kind of security guards):



This PDF contains the suggested hashtags.  Comment below if you think of something to add.  Hashtag PDF


UPDATE: Aylwyn Scally (@aylwyn_scally) tells me that Google+ also uses hashtags.