Oral Presentation Guidelines
  • Each speaker must bring a copy of any presentation materials on a CD or Flash Drive (USB) and deliver it to the speaker ready room, Coor L1-74, at least one hour prior to the beginning of your assigned session.  We will not be using your computers for the actual presentation. 
  • There will be knowledgeable personnel in the ready room to assist you in testing your presentation material (PowerPoint only, Please) and assist you the resolution of any potential difficulties prior to the beginning of your assigned session.
  • There are personnel assigned to pick up your materials in the ready room, load them on to a computer (MS Windows 2000/XP or Mac OS-9/OS-X) in the presentation venue and start them just prior to your presentation.  In this way, we will have pre-tested presentations available in the presentation room without the need for you to make any last minute adjustments.
  • Each Speaker has been allocated an amount of time as indicated on the conference program.  If appropriate, please be sure to leave a few minutes at the end of each presentation for questions, clarifications, etc. 
  • Please pay attention to the length of your presentation.  There other speakers participating in the same session and we want all speakers to be able to have their full time available.  If your Q&A time runs over, please arrange to meet the questioner outside of the meeting room to continue your conversation.
  • Note: The session moderator will inform you when you are within a few minutes of the end of your allocated time.  Your cooperation with the session moderator, in sticking to the schedule, is appreciated by all. 

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