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#NameInstitutionPoster Title
1Alan FilipskiArizona State University
2Ali M IdrisKing Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi ArabiaEpidemiology and Genetic Diversity of a Begomovirus Species in Arabia and the Nile Basin
Poster Number: 31
3Allan DrummondUniversity of Chicago
4Amit IndapBoston CollegeWhole Exome Analysis of Familial Non-syndromic Sensorineural Hearing Loss
Poster Number: 12
5Ananias EscalanteArizona State University
6Andreina Castillo SiriArizona State UniversityConserved N-terminal and C-terminal Regions of Two Gene Paralogs (PVX_082650 and PVX_082655) in the MSP7 Gene Family Show Positive Selection on the P. vivax Clade
Poster Number: 32
7Andrew Bordner Mayo Clinic
8Andrew WebbDublin City University - IrelandImmunoinformatics: Comparative Genomic Analysis of Human and Mouse Innate Immune System Reveals Species-specific Patterns of Evolution
Poster Number: 30
9Anne StoneArizona State University
10Atul ButteStanford University
11Augustine DunnUniversity of California, Irvine
12Ayaka KawashimaThe Graduate University for Advanced StudiesMolecular Evolution of Detoxification Genes in Human
Poster Number: 13
13Benjamin RiceArizona State University
14Benjamin VernotUniversity of WashingtonPersonal and Population Genomics of Human Regulatory Variation
Poster Number: 14
15Blair HedgesPenn State University
16Bojian ZhongMassey University (New Zealand)Systematic Error in Seed Plant Phylogenomics
Poster Number: 2
17Chan ZhouUniversity of GeorgiaAn Automated Sequence-sampling Method for Generation of More Informative Phylogenetic Trees
Poster Number: 3
18Chitta BaralArizona State UniversityUsing Natural Language Processing for Molecular Biology and Medicine
Poster Number: 4
19Christopher J BayneOregon State University
20Crystal HeppArizona State UniversityPinpointing the Effects of Recombination on the Phylogenetic Inference of HIV
Poster Number: 33
21Daniel Peterson Arizona State University
22David FisherArizona State University
23Emma TeelingUniversity College Dublin (Ireland)Conservation and Adaptation in Blindness Genes: a Phylomedicine Approach to Understanding the Evolution of Sensory Perception in Mammals
Poster Number: 23
24Enes UgurUniversity of GottingenOn the Way to Individualized Medicine by Combining Synthetic Biology and Pharmacogenomics As Well As Pharmacogenetics (in Further Steps)
Poster Number: 5
25Eric Stone North Carolina State University
26Erik CoronaStanford UniversityAnalysis of the Genetic Basis of Disease in the Context of Human Migration
Poster Number: 15
27Fabia BattistuzziArizona State University
28Glen StecherArizona State University
29Greg GibsonGeorgia Tech
30Gregory McInnesArizona State University
31Hanyang YuArizona State University
32Harley PylesUniversity of Wisconsin-WhitewaterInvestigating Deep Phylogenic Relationships Among Influenza A Lineages
Poster Number: 34
33Hector Riveros-RosasUniversidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico Evolutionary Insights into the Metabolic Role of Alcohol Dehydrogenases in Animals
Poster Number: 24
34Helen PiontkivskaKent State University
35Jared DelahayeLewis & Clark CollegeUnderstanding Evolutionary Recruitment of Venom Toxins in the SicTox Gene Family
Poster Number: 25
36Jessica GrossUniversity of New Mexico
37Jia Zeng Georgia Institute of TechnologyEvolutionary Analysis of DNA Methylation and Gene Expression in the Human Genome (with Soojin Yi)
Poster Number: 20
38Jieping YeArizona State University
39Jing ZhaoGeorgia Institute of TechnologyAssociation Between Rare Variants and Expression Traits in 96 Disease-related Genes
Poster Number: 6
40Joanna Malukiewicz Arizona State University
41Joel DudleyStanford University
42John ChaputArizona State University
43Joseph Graves Jr.Joint School of Nanoscience & Nanoengineering
44Joseph Kunkel University of Arizona
45Joshua AkeyUniveristy of Washington
46Juan Gonzalez FernandezUniversidad Complutense de Madrid Bioinformatics in Allergy: the Tropomyosin
Poster Number: 16
47Justin FayWashington University
48Karolina L. TkaczukUniversity of VirginiaComprehensive Analysis of the Universal Stress Proteins
Poster Number: 7
49Kate CronkBarrow Neurological Institute/ASU
50Kelly Boccia Arizona State University
51Kenneth Mossman Arizona State University
52Kimberly KukurbaStanford UniversityDissecting the Role of Gene Regulatory Variation and Allelic Effects in Tissue-specificity
Poster Number: 8
53Koyuru InuiThe Graduate University for Advanced Studies (Sokendai)Estimation of the Human AQUAPORIN 7 Gene Duplications Mechanism and Pseudogenization
Poster Number: 17
54Levent SipahiWayne State University School of MedicineAncient Evolutionary Origin of Epigenetic Regulation of PTSD
Poster Number: 18
55Li LiuArizona State University
56Luke Rond Midwestern UniversityGene Evolution in Rodents and Primates - a Preliminary Analysis
Poster Number: 28
57Luz Andrea Pfister Arizona State UniversityOn the Origins of Leprosy: the Primate Connection
Poster Number: 35
58Marcie McClureMontana State University
59Maria Andreina PachecoArizona State UniversityThe Diversity of Primate Malarias: Comparative Approaches to Understand Human Pathogens
Poster Number: 36
60Mark Craft Arizona State University
61Matthew Dunn Arizona State University
62Matthew Scotch Arizona State University
63Maxwell Sanderford Arizona State University
64Meredith Yeager SAIC-Frederick, Inc.
65Mia Champion Arizona State University Predicting Resistance Associated Mutations in Staphylococcus
Poster Number: 37
66Michael RosenbergArizona State University
67Mike McCutchanArizona State University
68Minglei WangUniversity of Illinois at UrbanaApplication of Evolutionary Bioinformatics to Drug Target Discovery
Poster Number: 9
69Monica AcostaArizona State University
70Natalia C. Santiago-MercedUniversidad MetropolitanaEvolutionary Analysis of Disease-associated Mutations of Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptor 3 Gene (FGFR3 Gene)
Poster Number: 19
71Neel Mehta Arizona State University
72Nicholas MatzkeUniversity of California, Berkeley
73Omar CornejoStanford UniversityPopulation Demographic Inference in Naturally Transformable Bacteria from Genome Wide Sequence Data
Poster Number: 38
74Patrick McKayUniversity of GuelphTesting for the Correlated Evolution Between Ryanodine Receptor Genes
Poster Number: 26
75Paul Billing-Ross Arizona State University
76Phil HedrickArizona State University
77Pierina Ortiz Arizona State University Use of the Bayesian Skyline Plot to Inform a Prediction Model of Zoonotic Infection in Animal and Human Hosts
Poster Number: 39
78Qunjie GaoArizona State University
79Rachel SchwartzUniversity of Wisconsin, Eau Claire
80Reeba PaulKent State UniversityMolecular Evolution of CTL Epitopes in HIV-1: Understanding Selection Acting on Associated Epitopes
Poster Number: 40
81Reed CartwrightArizona State University
82Ronika Nirankari Arizona State University
83Sefika OzkanArizona State University
84Sen PengArizona State University
85Sergei PondUniversity of California San Diego
86Seth KemmeterUniversity of Wisconsin-WhitewaterInferring the Evolutionary History of Influenza Type B Through Comparative Analysis of Whole Proteomes
Poster Number: 41
87Shamil SunayevHarvard University
88Shamila AlipoorNational Institute of Genetic Engineering and BiotechnologyMultivariate Analysis of Conserved Sequence-structure Relationships in MD-ADHs (AlcoholDehydrogenases) Through Evolution
Poster Number: 10
89Sheri SkergetArizona State UniversityFunctional Disease Ontology Analysis of the Macaque Sperm Proteome
Poster Number: 27
90Shozo Yokoyama Emory University
91Soojin Yi Georgia Institute of Technology Evolutionary Analysis of DNA Methylation and Gene Expression in the Human Genome (with Jia Zeng)
Poster Number: 20
92Stella ChenetArizona State UniversityUnderstanding the Local Population Structure of Plasmodium for Malaria Control
Poster Number: 42
93Stephanie Tate Arizona State University
94Sudhindra R. GadagkarMidwestern UniversityGene Evolution in Rodents and Primates - a Preliminary Analysis
Poster Number: 28
95Sudhir KumarArizona State UniversityMEGA/TimeTree of Life/FlyExpress
Poster Number: 1
96Sunil Kumar GujullaArizona State University
97Talima Pearson Northern Arizona University
98Teva Brown Arizona State University
99Timothy KarrArizona State UniversityConserved Properties of Drosophila and Human Spermatozoal  mRNA Repertoires
Poster Number: 29
100Towfique RajHarvard Medical School/Brigham and Women's HospitalAlzheimer's Disease Susceptibility Loci: Evidence for a Protein Network Under Natural Selection
Poster Number: 21
101Valentine Dinu Arizona State University
102Vanessa GrayArizona State University
103Z Nevin Gerek Arizona State University Position Specific Structural Flexibility for Protein Function and Evolutionary Studies
Poster Number: 11
104Ziming ZhaoGeorgia Institute of Technology Phylogenetic Inference of a Cancer-related Protein Family
Poster Number: 22
105Zoheir BouzazaUniversite de Mostaganem, Algeria