Speakers Institution Title of Presentation
Joshua Akey University of Washington Personal and Population Genomics of Human Regulatory Variation
Atul Butte Stanford University Exploring Systems and Personalized Medicine through Evolution
Mia Champion Arizona State University Diagnosing Resistance Associated Mustations in Staphylococcus aureus
John Chaput Arizona State University High Throughput Discovery of Human Internal Ribosomal Entry Sites
D. Allan Drummond University of Chicago Cellular Costs of Protein Misfolding Leave Imprints on Evolving Genomes
Joel Dudley Stanford University Discovery and Interpretation of Clinical Genetic Varaiation through the Lens of Evolution
Ananias Escalante Arizona State University Phylomedicine of Malaria
Justin Fay Washington University Evolutionary Genetics of Preterm Birth
Gregory Gibson Georgia Institute of Technology Integrating Gene Expression into Phylomedicine
Blair Hedges Pennsylvania State University Informing Medicine with the Tree of Life
Philip W. Hedrick Arizona State University Population Genetics of Malaria Resistance in Humans
Sudhir Kumar Arizona State University Phylomedicine
Li Liu Arizona State University A Phylogenetic Method for Diagnosing Human Mutations
Marcie McClure Montana State University Personalized Retromics: Are There Differences Between Individuals?
S. Banu Ozkan Arizona State University Structural Dynamics and Protein Evolution
Helen Piontkivska Kent State University Evolution of Viral Epitopes: Escapes and Associations
Sergei Pond University of California, San Diego Studying the Interplay Between Viral Pathogens and Host Immune Response Using Molecular Sequence Data
Anne Stone Arizona State University Ancient DNA Phylomedicine
Shamil Sunyaev Harvard University Epistasis in Protein Evolution and its Importance for Phylomedicine
Jieping Ye Arizona State University Machine Learning Methods for Biosignature Discovery
Shozo Yokoyama Emory University Phylomedicine of Color Vision