Joseph Felsenstein is Professor in the Departments of Genome Sciences and Biology and Adjunct Professor in the Departments of Computer Science and Statistics at the University of Washington in Seattle. He is best known for his work on phylogenetic inference, and is the author of Inferring Phylogenies, and principal author and distributor of the package of phylogenetic inference programs called PHYLIP, and is currently serving as the President of the Society for Molecular Biology & Evolution.

You can reach Joe at

James McInerney is the principle investigator of the Bioinformatics and Molecular Evolution Laboratories at NUI Maynooth. He was one of the founding directors of the Irish Centre for High End Computing, an Associate Editor of Molecular Biology and Evolution, Biology Direct, and Journal of Experimental Zoology, and is currently serving as the Secretary for the Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution.

You can reach James at

Juliette de Meaux is interested in the molecular basis of Darwinian adaptation in natural plant systems. Her works combines the approaches of population, quantitative and molecular genetics to dissect the underpinning of adaptive changes. She completed her PhD at AgroParisTech, under the supervision of Prof. Claire Neema and studied the molecular basis of host-pathogen coevolution in natural populations of common bean. She then spent her Postdoc time in the lab of Prof. Tom Mitchell-Olds at the Max Planck Institute of Chemical Ecology in Jena and worked on the evolution of cis-regulatory DNA. Since 2005, she runs her own lab, first at the Max Planck Institute of Plant Breeding in Cologne and then at the University of Münster. In January 2015, she relocated her lab at the University of Cologne. She is currently serving as the Treasurer for the Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution.

You can reach Juliette at


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The Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution is an international organization whose goals are to provide facilities for association and communication among molecular evolutionists and to further the goals of molecular evolution, as well as its practitioners and teachers. In order to accomplish these goals, the Society publishes two peer-reviewed journals, Molecular Biology and Evolution and Genome Biology and Evolution. The Society sponsors an annual meeting, as well as smaller satellite meetings or workshop on important, focused, and timely topics. It also confers honors and awards to students and researchers.

SMBE 2016

On behalf of the organising committee it is our pleasure to invite you to attend SMBE 2016 - the annual meeting of the Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution. SMBE 2016 will be held from the 3rd-7th of July at the Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre, Queensland, Australia.  The meeting - including plenary talks, symposia presentations, the Walter Fitch symposium, and poster sessions - will showcase the latest research in genomics, population genetics, and molecular biology and evolution. Social activities will include an opening reception, mixers with each poster session, and a conference dinner - all social events are included with registration.  BYO scientific curiosity and surfboard.

 More information can be found HERE.

Featured News and Updates

MBE & GBE Best Graduate Student Papers Announcement

Congratulations to the winners of the Best Graduate Student Paper in MBE and Best Graduate Student Paper in GBE for the year 2015! The winners will be given a certificate, a prize of $2,000 and a travel award to the 2016 annual meeting.

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  • Tuesday, May 03, 2016
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SMBE 2016 Awards Announcement

Congratulations to the inaugural winners of the SMBE Junior Award for Independent Research, SMBE Mid-Career Award for Research, SMBE Community Service Award and the SMBE Lifetime Contribution Award!

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  • Friday, April 01, 2016
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SMBE 2016 Call for Satellite Meeting Proposals

SMBE is now calling for proposals for workshops/satellite meetings to be held between Fall 2016 and Fall 2017. Funds will be awarded on a competitive basis to members of the molecular evolution research community to run workshops/satellite meetings on an important, focused, and timely topic of their choice. The deadline for submission of proposals is May 15, 2016.

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  • Monday, March 21, 2016
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SMBE 2016 - Call for Abstracts

The Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution is now accepting abstracts for the 2016 annual meeting, taking place on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, July 3-7, 2016.

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  • Wednesday, January 13, 2016
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SMBE 2016 - Call for Symposia

The Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution is accepting proposals for symposium topics for the 2016 annual meeting, taking place on the Gold Coast, Queensland Australia, July 3-7, 2016.

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  • Thursday, November 05, 2015
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Graduate student positions (MS and PhD) in environmental microbiology and molecular biology at Bowling Green State University (BGSU)

The Environmental Microbiology and Molecular Research Group at BGSU is comprised of individuals performing diverse work concerning important societal issues that are of serious concern such as harmful algal blooms (Bullerjahn Lab) in the Great Lakes, antibiotic discovery against human and plant pathogens (H. Wildschutte Lab), metagenomics studies of Antarctica’s Lake Vostok microbial community (Rogers Lab), and ice nucleation by microbes in freshwater lakes (McKay lab).

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  • Wednesday, October 28, 2015
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MBE | Most Read

Molecular Biology and Evolution

Positive Selection on a Regulatory Insertion-Deletion Polymorphism in FADS2 Influences Apparent Endogenous Synthesis of Arachidonic Acid

Kumar S. D. Kothapalli, , Kaixiong Ye, Maithili S. Gadgil, Susan E. Carlson, Kimberly O. OBrien, Ji Yao Zhang, Hui Gyu Park, Kinsley Ojukwu, James Zou, Stephanie S. Hyon, Kalpana S. Joshi, Zhenglong Gu, Alon Keinan, J.Thomas Brenna
Apr 5, 2016; 0:492-49
Research Article

Growth Rates Made Easy

Barry G. Hall, Hande Acar, Anna Nandipati, Miriam Barlow
Jan 1, 2014; 31:232-238

Building Phylogenetic Trees from Molecular Data with MEGA

Barry G. Hall
May 1, 2013; 30:1229-1235

Y Chromosome Evidence for Anglo-Saxon Mass Migration

Michael E. Weale, Deborah A. Weiss, Rolf F. Jager, Neil Bradman, Mark G. Thomas
Jul 1, 2002; 19:1008-1021
Original Articles

The neighbor-joining method: a new method for reconstructing phylogenetic trees

N Saitou, M Nei
Jul 1, 1987; 4:406-425
Original Articles

On the Origin of Darwin's Finches

Akie Sato, Herbert Tichy, Colm O'hUigin, Peter R. Grant, B. Rosemary Grant, Jan Klein
Mar 1, 2001; 18:299-311
Original Articles

Phylogeny of some Fusarium species, as determined by large-subunit rRNA sequence comparison

J Guadet, J Julien, JF Lafay, Y Brygoo
May 1, 1989; 6:227-242
Original Articles

Population Bottlenecks and Pleistocene Human Evolution

John Hawks, Keith Hunley, Sang-Hee Lee, Milford Wolpoff
Jan 1, 2000; 17:2-22
Review Articles

Origin and Expansion of Haplogroup H, the Dominant Human Mitochondrial DNA Lineage in West Eurasia: The Near Eastern and Caucasian Perspective

U Roostalu, I Kutuev, E-L Loogvali, E Metspalu, K Tambets, M Reidla, EK Khusnutdinova, E Usanga, T Kivisild, R Villems
Feb 1, 2007; 24:436-448
Research Article

Genetic Diversity and Population History of the Red Panda (Ailurus fulgens) as Inferred from Mitochondrial DNA Sequence Variations

Bing Su, Yunxin Fu, Yingxiang Wang, Li Jin, Ranajit Chakraborty
Jun 1, 2001; 18:1070-1076
Original Articles

MEGA6: Molecular Evolutionary Genetics Analysis Version 6.0

Koichiro Tamura, Glen Stecher, Daniel Peterson, Alan Filipski, Sudhir Kumar
Dec 1, 2013; 30:2725-2729

A Genetic Mechanism for Convergent Skin Lightening during Recent Human Evolution

Zhaohui Yang, Hua Zhong, Jing Chen, Xiaoming Zhang, Hui Zhang, Xin Luo, Shuhua Xu, Hua Chen, Dongsheng Lu, Yinglun Han, Jinkun Li, Lijie Fu, Xuebin Qi, Yi Peng, Kun Xiang, Qiang Lin, Yan Guo, Ming Li, Xiangyu Cao, Yanfeng Zhang, Shiyu Liao, Yingmei Peng, Lin Zhang, Xiaosen Guo, Shanshan Dong, Fan Liang, Jun Wang, Andrew Willden, Hong Seang Aun, Bun Serey, Tuot Sovannary, Long Bunnath, Ham Samnom, Graeme Mardon, Qingwei Li, Anming Meng, Hong Shi, Bing Su
May 1, 2016; 33:1177-1187

On the Origin and Domestication History of Barley (Hordeum vulgare)

A. Badr, K. M, R. Sch, H. El Rabey, S. Effgen, H. H. Ibrahim, C. Pozzi, W. Rohde, F. Salamini
Apr 1, 2000; 17:499-510
Original Articles

Insight into Evolution of Bordetella pertussis from Comparative Genomic Analysis: Evidence of Vaccine-Driven Selection

Sophie Octavia, Ram P. Maharjan, Vitali Sintchenko, Gordon Stevenson, Peter R. Reeves, Gwendolyn L. Gilbert, Ruiting Lan
Jan 1, 2011; 28:707-715
Research Article

Recent Insertion of an Alu Element Within a Polymorphic Human-Specific Alu Insertion

David Comas, Stephanie Plaza, Francesc Calafell, Antti Sajantila, Jaume Bertranpetit
Jan 1, 2001; 18:85-88
Letters to the Editor

PAMLX: A Graphical User Interface for PAML

Bo Xu, Ziheng Yang
Dec 1, 2013; 30:2723-2724

MEGA5: Molecular Evolutionary Genetics Analysis Using Maximum Likelihood, Evolutionary Distance, and Maximum Parsimony Methods

Koichiro Tamura, Daniel Peterson, Nicholas Peterson, Glen Stecher, Masatoshi Nei, Sudhir Kumar
Oct 1, 2011; 28:2731-2739
Research Article

Bayesian Coalescent Inference of Past Population Dynamics from Molecular Sequences

A. J. Drummond, A. Rambaut, B. Shapiro, O. G. Pybus
May 1, 2005; 22:1185-1192
Research Article

Enterobacterial Repetitive Intergenic Consensus (ERIC) Sequences in Escherichia coli: Evolution and Implications for ERIC-PCR

Lindsay A. Wilson, Paul M. Sharp
Jun 1, 2006; 23:1156-1168
Research Article

PAML 4: Phylogenetic Analysis by Maximum Likelihood

Ziheng Yang
Aug 1, 2007; 24:1586-1591

Evolution and Development of the Chordates: Collagen and Pharyngeal Cartilage

Amanda L. Rychel, Shannon E. Smith, Heather T. Shimamoto, Billie J. Swalla
Mar 1, 2006; 23:541-549
Research Article

Discrete Shoot and Root Stem Cell-Promoting WUS/WOX5 Functions Are an Evolutionary Innovation of Angiosperms

Judith Nardmann, Pascal Reisewitz, Wolfgang Werr
Aug 1, 2009; 26:1745-1755
Research Article

Application of Phylogenetic Networks in Evolutionary Studies

Daniel H. Huson, David Bryant
Feb 1, 2006; 23:254-267
Research Article

jModelTest: Phylogenetic Model Averaging

David Posada
Jul 1, 2008; 25:1253-1256

267 Spanish Exomes Reveal Population-Specific Differences in Disease-Related Genetic Variation

Joaquin Dopazo, Alicia Amadoz, Marta Bleda, Luz Garcia-Alonso, Alejandro Aleman, Francisco Garcia-Garcia, Juan A. Rodriguez, Josephine T. Daub, Gerard Muntane, Antonio Rueda, Alicia Vela-Boza, Francisco J. Lopez-Domingo, Javier P. Florido, Pablo Arce, Macarena Ruiz-Ferrer, Cristina Mendez-Vidal, Todd E. Arnold, Olivia Spleiss, Miguel Alvarez-Tejado, Arcadi Navarro, Shomi S. Bhattacharya, Salud Borrego, Javier Santoyo-Lopez, Guillermo Antinolo
May 1, 2016; 33:1205-1218

The Diversity and Molecular Evolution of B-Cell Receptors during Infection

Kenneth B. Hoehn, Anna Fowler, Gerton Lunter, Oliver G. Pybus
May 1, 2016; 33:1147-1157
Fast Tracks

High-Resolution Phylogenetic Analysis of Southeastern Europe Traces Major Episodes of Paternal Gene Flow Among Slavic Populations

Marijana Pericic, Lovorka Barac Lauc, Irena Martinovic Klaric, Siiri Rootsi, Branka Janicijevic, Igor Rudan, Rifet Terzic, Ivanka Colak, Ante Kvesic, Dan Popovic, Ana Sijacki, Ibrahim Behluli, Dobrivoje Dordevic, Ljudmila Efremovska, Dorde D. Bajec, Branislav D. Stefanovic, Richard Villems, Pavao Rudan
Oct 1, 2005; 22:1964-1975
Research Article

Divergence in Enzymatic Activities in the Soybean GST Supergene Family Provides New Insight into the Evolutionary Dynamics of Whole-Genome Duplicates

Hai-Jing Liu, Zhen-Xin Tang, Xue-Min Han, Zhi-Ling Yang, Fu-Min Zhang, Hai-Ling Yang, Yan-Jing Liu, Qing-Yin Zeng
Nov 1, 2015; 32:2844-2859

Estimating Synonymous and Nonsynonymous Substitution Rates Under Realistic Evolutionary Models

Ziheng Yang, Rasmus Nielsen
Jan 1, 2000; 17:32-43
Original Articles

Melanesian and Asian Origins of Polynesians: mtDNA and Y Chromosome Gradients Across the Pacific

Manfred Kayser, Silke Brauer, Richard Cordaux, Amanda Casto, Oscar Lao, Lev A. Zhivotovsky, Claire Moyse-Faurie, Robb B. Rutledge, Wulf Schiefenhoevel, David Gil, Alice A. Lin, Peter A. Underhill, Peter J. Oefner, Ronald J. Trent, Mark Stoneking
Nov 1, 2006; 23:2234-2244
Research Article

Advances in Time Estimation Methods for Molecular Data

Sudhir Kumar, S. Blair Hedges
Apr 1, 2016; 33:863-869

Evolutionary Metabolomics Reveals Domestication-Associated Changes in Tetraploid Wheat Kernels

Romina Beleggia, Domenico Rau, Giovanni Laido, Cristiano Platani, Franca Nigro, Mariagiovanna Fragasso, Pasquale De Vita, Federico Scossa, Alisdair R. Fernie, Zoran Nikoloski, Roberto Papa
Apr 10, 2016; 0:502-50
Research Article

Genetic Variations in Tibetan Populations and High-Altitude Adaptation at the Himalayas

Yi Peng, Zhaohui Yang, Hui Zhang, Chaoying Cui, Xuebin Qi, Xiongjian Luo, Xiang Tao, Tianyi Wu, Ouzhuluobu, Basang, Ciwangsangbu, Danzengduojie, Hua Chen, Hong Shi, Bing Su
Feb 1, 2011; 28:1075-1081
Research Article

MtArt: A New Model of Amino Acid Replacement for Arthropoda

Federico Abascal, David Posada, Rafael Zardoya
Jan 1, 2007; 24:1-5

What Is the Role of Genome Duplication in the Evolution of Complexity and Diversity?

Karen D. Crow, Gunter P. Wagner
May 1, 2006; 23:887-892
Proceedings of the SMBE Tri-National Young Investigators'''' Workshop 2005

A Recent Evolutionary Change Affects a Regulatory Element in the Human FOXP2 Gene

Tomislav Maricic, Viola Gunther, Oleg Georgiev, Sabine Gehre, Marija Curlin, Christiane Schreiweis, Ronald Naumann, Hernan A. Burbano, Matthias Meyer, Carles Lalueza-Fox, Marco de la Rasilla, Antonio Rosas, Srecko Gajovic, Janet Kelso, Wolfgang Enard, Walter Schaffner, Svante Paabo
Apr 1, 2013; 30:844-852

Evaluating the Use of ABBA-BABA Statistics to Locate Introgressed Loci

Simon H. Martin, John W. Davey, Chris D. Jiggins
Jan 1, 2015; 32:244-257

Evolution of Amino Acid Frequencies in Proteins Over Deep Time: Inferred Order of Introduction of Amino Acids into the Genetic Code

Dawn J. Brooks, Jacques R. Fresco, Arthur M. Lesk, Mona Singh
Oct 1, 2002; 19:1645-1655
Original Articles

Comparison of Bayesian and Maximum Likelihood Bootstrap Measures of Phylogenetic Reliability

Christophe J. Douady, Frederic Delsuc, Yan Boucher, W. Ford Doolittle, Emmanuel J. P. Douzery
Feb 1, 2003; 20:248-254
Original Articles

Detecting Genomic Signatures of Natural Selection with Principal Component Analysis: Application to the 1000 Genomes Data

Nicolas Duforet-Frebourg, Keurcien Luu, Guillaume Laval, Eric Bazin, Michael G.B. Blum
Apr 1, 2016; 33:1082-1093

Origin of Clothing Lice Indicates Early Clothing Use by Anatomically Modern Humans in Africa

Melissa A. Toups, Andrew Kitchen, Jessica E. Light, David L. Reed
Jan 1, 2011; 28:29-32

L1 (LINE-1) Retrotransposon Evolution and Amplification in Recent Human History

Stephane Boissinot, Pascale Chevret, Anthony V. Furano
Jun 1, 2000; 17:915-928
Original Articles

Tracing Past Human Male Movements in Northern/Eastern Africa and Western Eurasia: New Clues from Y-Chromosomal Haplogroups E-M78 and J-M12

Fulvio Cruciani, Roberta La Fratta, Beniamino Trombetta, Piero Santolamazza, Daniele Sellitto, Eliane Beraud Colomb, Jean-Michel Dugoujon, Federica Crivellaro, Tamara Benincasa, Roberto Pascone, Pedro Moral, Elizabeth Watson, Bela Melegh, Guido Barbujani, Silvia Fuselli, Giuseppe Vona, Boris Zagradisnik, Guenter Assum, Radim Brdicka, Andrey I. Kozlov, Georgi D. Efremov, Alfredo Coppa, Andrea Novelletto, Rosaria Scozzari
Jun 1, 2007; 24:1300-1311
Research Article

MAFFT Multiple Sequence Alignment Software Version 7: Improvements in Performance and Usability

Kazutaka Katoh, Daron M. Standley
Apr 1, 2013; 30:772-780
Fast Tracks

Bayesian Phylogenetics with BEAUti and the BEAST 1.7

Alexei J. Drummond, Marc A. Suchard, Dong Xie, Andrew Rambaut
Aug 1, 2012; 29:1969-1973
Research Article

Origin and Evolution of Influenza Virus Hemagglutinin Genes

Yoshiyuki Suzuki, Masatoshi Nei
Apr 1, 2002; 19:501-509
Original Articles

Microsatellite Null Alleles and Estimation of Population Differentiation

Marie-Pierre Chapuis, Arnaud Estoup
Mar 1, 2007; 24:621-631
Research Article

MEGA7: Molecular Evolutionary Genetics Analysis Version 7.0 for Bigger Datasets

Sudhir Kumar, Glen Stecher, Koichiro Tamura
Apr 13, 2016; 0:542-54
Brief Communication

The Protistan Origins of Animals and Fungi

Emma T. Steenkamp, Jane Wright, Sandra L. Baldauf
Jan 1, 2006; 23:93-106
Research Article

Evolution of the Caenorhabditis elegans Genome

Asher D. Cutter, Alivia Dey, Rosalind L. Murray
Jun 1, 2009; 26:1199-1234
Review Articles

GBE | Most Read

Genome Biology & Evolution

Localizing Ashkenazic Jews to Primeval Villages in the Ancient Iranian Lands of Ashkenaz

Ranajit Das, Paul Wexler, Mehdi Pirooznia, Eran Elhaik
Apr 19, 2016; 8:1132-1149
Research Article

The Missing Link of Jewish European Ancestry: Contrasting the Rhineland and the Khazarian Hypotheses

Eran Elhaik
Jan 16, 2013; 5:61-74
Research Article

Highlight: Out of Khazaria--Evidence for "Jewish Genome" Lacking

Danielle Venton
Jan 16, 2013; 5:75-76

Roles of Mutation and Selection in Speciation: From Hugo de Vries to the Modern Genomic Era

Masatoshi Nei, Masafumi Nozawa
Nov 19, 2011; 3:812-829
Research Article

Copy-Number Variation: The Balance between Gene Dosage and Expression in Drosophila melanogaster

Jun Zhou, Bernardo Lemos, Erik B. Dopman, Daniel L. Hartl
Sep 10, 2013; 3:1014-1024
Special Collection

Genetic Evidence of Human Adaptation to a Cooked Diet

Rachel N. Carmody, Michael Dannemann, Adrian W. Briggs, Birgit Nickel, Emily E. Groopman, Richard W. Wrangham, Janet Kelso
Apr 13, 2016; 8:1091-1103
Research Article

An Evolutionary Classification of Genomic Function

Dan Graur, Yichen Zheng, Ricardo B.R. Azevedo
Mar 10, 2015; 7:642-645

On the Immortality of Television Sets: "Function" in the Human Genome According to the Evolution-Free Gospel of ENCODE

Dan Graur, Yichen Zheng, Nicholas Price, Ricardo B.R. Azevedo, Rebecca A. Zufall, Eran Elhaik
Mar 26, 2013; 5:578-590
Research Article

An Ancient Transkingdom Horizontal Transfer of Penelope-Like Retroelements from Arthropods to Conifers

Xuan Lin, Nurul Faridi, Claudio Casola
May 2, 2016; 8:1252-1266

Capturing the phylogeny of Holometabola with mitochondrial genome data and Bayesian site-heterogeneous mixture models

Fan Song, Hu Li, Pei Jiang, Xuguo Zhou, Jinpeng Liu, Changhai Sun, Alfried P. Vogler, Wanzhi Cai
Apr 22, 2016; 0:861-86
Research Article

Phylogeographic Refinement and Large Scale Genotyping of Human Y Chromosome Haplogroup E Provide New Insights into the Dispersal of Early Pastoralists in the African Continent

Beniamino Trombetta, Eugenia D'Atanasio, Andrea Massaia, Marco Ippoliti, Alfredo Coppa, Francesca Candilio, Valentina Coia, Gianluca Russo, Jean-Michel Dugoujon, Pedro Moral, Nejat Akar, Daniele Sellitto, Guido Valesini, Andrea Novelletto, Rosaria Scozzari, Fulvio Cruciani
Jul 10, 2015; 7:1940-1950
Research Article

Evolutionary Origins and Dynamics of Octoploid Strawberry Subgenomes Revealed by Dense Targeted Capture Linkage Maps

Jacob A. Tennessen, Rajanikanth Govindarajulu, Tia-Lynn Ashman, Aaron Liston
Dec 24, 2014; 6:3295-3313
Research Article

Diversity and Variability of NOD-Like Receptors in Fungi

Witold Dyrka, Marina Lamacchia, Pascal Durrens, Bostjan Kobe, Asen Daskalov, Matthieu Paoletti, David J. Sherman, Sven J. Saupe
Dec 8, 2014; 6:3137-3158
Research Article

Birth-and-Death of KLK3 and KLK2 in Primates: Evolution Driven by Reproductive Biology

Patricia Isabel Marques, Rui Bernardino, Teresa Fernandes, NISC Comparative Sequencing Program, Eric D. Green, Belen Hurle, Victor Quesada, Susana Seixas
Dec 24, 2012; 4:1331-1338

Environmental Epigenetics and a Unified Theory of the Molecular Aspects of Evolution: A Neo-Lamarckian Concept that Facilitates Neo-Darwinian Evolution

Michael K. Skinner
May 16, 2015; 7:1296-1302

Construction of Ultradense Linkage Maps with Lep-MAP2: Stickleback F2 Recombinant Crosses as an Example

Pasi Rastas, Federico C. F. Calboli, Baocheng Guo, Takahito Shikano, Juha Merilä
Jan 12, 2016; 8:78-93
Research Article

Sex-Biased Transcriptome Evolution in Drosophila

Raquel Assis, Qi Zhou, Doris Bachtrog
Nov 27, 2012; 4:1189-1200
Research Article

De Novo Genes Arise at a Slow but Steady Rate along the Primate Lineage and Have Been Subject to Incomplete Lineage Sorting

Daniele Guerzoni, Aoife McLysaght
Apr 25, 2016; 8:1222-1232
Research Article

The Interrelationships of Placental Mammals and the Limits of Phylogenetic Inference

James E. Tarver, Mario dos Reis, Siavash Mirarab, Raymond J. Moran, Sean Parker, Joseph E. OReilly, Benjamin L. King, Mary J. OConnell, Robert J. Asher, Tandy Warnow, Kevin J. Peterson, Philip C.J. Donoghue, Davide Pisani
Feb 10, 2016; 8:330-344
Research Article

Resolving the Phylogenetic Position of Coelacanth: The Closest Relative Is Not Always the Most Appropriate Outgroup

Naoko Takezaki, Hidenori Nishihara
Apr 25, 2016; 8:1208-1221
Research Article

Divergence of East Asians and Europeans Estimated Using Male- and Female-Specific Genetic Markers

Yoshio Tateno, Tomoyoshi Komiyama, Toru Katoh, Batmunkh Munkhbat, Akira Oka, Yuko Haida, Hiroyuki Kobayashi, Gen Tamiya, Hidetoshi Inoko
Mar 3, 2014; 6:466-473
Research Article

Epigenetics and the Evolution of Darwin's Finches

Michael K. Skinner, Carlos Gurerrero-Bosagna, M. Muksitul Haque, Eric E. Nilsson, Jennifer A.H. Koop, Sarah A. Knutie, Dale H. Clayton
Aug 7, 2014; 6:1972-1989
Research Article

Compensation of Dosage-Sensitive Genes on the Chicken Z Chromosome

Fabian Zimmer, Peter W. Harrison, Christophe Dessimoz, Judith E. Mank
Apr 25, 2016; 8:1233-1242
Research Article

Inference of Evolutionary Forces Acting on Human Biological Pathways

Josephine T. Daub, Isabelle Dupanloup, Marc Robinson-Rechavi, Laurent Excoffier
Jun 12, 2015; 7:1546-1558
Research Article

The genome and methylome of a subsocial small carpenter bee, Ceratina calcarata

Sandra M. Rehan, Karl M. Glastad, Sarah P. Lawson, Brendan G. Hunt
Apr 4, 2016; 0:791-79
Research Article

Speciation in Cloudless Sulphurs Gleaned from Complete Genomes

Qian Cong, Jinhui Shen, Andrew D. Warren, Dominika Borek, Zbyszek Otwinowski, Nick V. Grishin
Mar 30, 2016; 8:915-931
Research Article

Gene Expression Variation Resolves Species and Individual Strains among Coral-Associated Dinoflagellates within the Genus Symbiodinium

John E. Parkinson, Sebastian Baumgarten, Craig T. Michell, Iliana B. Baums, Todd C. LaJeunesse, Christian R. Voolstra
Mar 18, 2016; 8:665-680
Research Article

Divergent and convergent evolution of fungal pathogenicity

Yanfang Shang, Guohua Xiao, Peng Zheng, Kai Cen, Shuai Zhan, Chengshu Wang
Apr 12, 2016; 0:821-82
Research Article

Whole-Genome Identification, Phylogeny, and Evolution of the Cytochrome P450 Family 2 (CYP2) Subfamilies in Birds

Daniela Almeida, Emanuel Maldonado, Imran Khan, Liliana Silva, M. Thomas P. Gilbert, Guojie Zhang, Erich D. Jarvis, Stephen J. OBrien, Warren E. Johnson, Agostinho Antunes
Apr 13, 2016; 8:1115-1131
Research Article

Comparative and Evolutionary Analysis of Major Peanut Allergen Gene Families

Milind B. Ratnaparkhe, Tae-Ho Lee, Xu Tan, Xiyin Wang, Jingping Li, Changsoo Kim, Lisa K. Rainville, Cornelia Lemke, Rosana O. Compton, Jon Robertson, Maria Gallo, David J. Bertioli, Andrew H. Paterson
Sep 25, 2014; 6:2468-2488
Research Article

Recombining without Hotspots: A Comprehensive Evolutionary Portrait of Recombination in Two Closely Related Species of Drosophila

Caiti S. Smukowski Heil, Chris Ellison, Matthew Dubin, Mohamed A.F. Noor
Oct 22, 2015; 7:2829-2842
Research Article

Polar Bears Exhibit Genome-Wide Signatures of Bioenergetic Adaptation to Life in the Arctic Environment

Andreanna J. Welch, Oscar C. Bedoya-Reina, Lorenzo Carretero-Paulet, Webb Miller, Karyn D. Rode, Charlotte Lindqvist
Feb 26, 2014; 6:433-450
Research Article

The Mycobacterium phlei Genome: Expectations and Surprises

Sarbashis Das, B. M. Fredrik Pettersson, Phani Rama Krishna Behra, Malavika Ramesh, Santanu Dasgupta, Alok Bhattacharya, Leif A. Kirsebom
Apr 8, 2016; 8:975-985
Genome Report

From Prediction to Function Using Evolutionary Genomics: Human-Specific Ecotypes of Lactobacillus reuteri Have Diverse Probiotic Functions

Jennifer K. Spinler, Amrita Sontakke, Emily B. Hollister, Susan F. Venable, Phaik Lyn Oh, Miriam A. Balderas, Delphine M.A. Saulnier, Toni-Ann Mistretta, Sridevi Devaraj, Jens Walter, James Versalovic, Sarah K. Highlander
Jul 14, 2014; 6:1772-1789
Research Article

Comparative Genomic Analyses of the Moraxella catarrhalis Serosensitive and Seroresistant Lineages Demonstrate Their Independent Evolution

Joshua P. Earl, Stefan P.W. de Vries, Azad Ahmed, Evan Powell, Matthew P. Schultz, Peter W.M. Hermans, Darryl J. Hill, Zhemin Zhou, Crystala I. Constantinidou, Fen Z. Hu, Hester J. Bootsma, Garth D. Ehrlich
Apr 6, 2016; 8:955-974
Research Article

The genome of Haemoproteus tartakovskyi and its relationship to human malaria parasites

Staffan Bensch, Björn Canbäck, Jeremy D. DeBarry, Tomas Johansson, Olof Hellgren, Jessica C. Kissinger, Vaidas Palinauskas, Elin Videvall, Gediminas Valkiunas
Apr 13, 2016; 0:811-81
Research Article

Evolution of a Heavy Metal Homeostasis/Resistance Island Reflects Increasing Copper Stress in Enterobacteria

Benjamin M. Staehlin, John G. Gibbons, Antonis Rokas, Thomas V. OHalloran, Jason C. Slot
Mar 22, 2016; 8:811-826
Research Article

Genomes of Stigonematalean Cyanobacteria (Subsection V) and the Evolution of Oxygenic Photosynthesis from Prokaryotes to Plastids

Tal Dagan, Mayo Roettger, Karina Stucken, Giddy Landan, Robin Koch, Peter Major, Sven B. Gould, Vadim V. Goremykin, Rosmarie Rippka, Nicole Tandeau de Marsac, Muriel Gugger, Peter J. Lockhart, John F. Allen, Iris Brune, Irena Maus, Alfred Puhler, William F. Martin
Jan 9, 2013; 5:31-44
Research Article

Evaluating and Characterizing Ancient Whole-Genome Duplications in Plants with Gene Count Data

George P. Tiley, Cecile Ane, J. Gordon Burleigh
Apr 11, 2016; 8:1023-1037
Research Article

Transposable element targeting by piRNAs in Laurasiatherians with distinct transposable element histories

Michael W. Vandewege, Roy N. Platt II, David A. Ray, Federico G. Hoffmann
Apr 9, 2016; 0:781-78
Research Article

Simulating and summarizing sources of gene tree incongruence

Michael D. Woodhams, Peter. J. Lockhart, Barbara R. Holland
Mar 26, 2016; 0:651-65
Research Article

A Phylogenomic Assessment of Ancient Polyploidy and Genome Evolution across the Poales

Michael R. McKain, Haibao Tang, Joel R. McNeal, Saravanaraj Ayyampalayam, Jerrold I. Davis, Claude W. dePamphilis, Thomas J. Givnish, J. Chris Pires, Dennis Wm. Stevenson, James H. Leebens-Mack
Apr 21, 2016; 8:1150-1164
Research Article

Comparative Genomics of Carriage and Disease Isolates of Streptococcus pneumoniae Serotype 22F Reveals Lineage-Specific Divergence and Niche Adaptation

David W. Cleary, Vanessa T. Devine, Johanna M.C. Jefferies, Jeremy S. Webb, Stephen D. Bentley, Rebecca A. Gladstone, Saul N. Faust, Stuart C. Clarke
Apr 21, 2016; 8:1243-1251
Genome Report

Fungal Cytochrome P450 Monooxygenases: Their Distribution, Structure, Functions, Family Expansion, and Evolutionary Origin

Wanping Chen, Mi-Kyung Lee, Colin Jefcoate, Sun-Chang Kim, Fusheng Chen, Jae-Hyuk Yu
Jul 7, 2014; 6:1620-1634
Research Article

Diverse Ecological Strategies Are Encoded by Streptococcus pneumoniae Bacteriocin-Like Peptides

Eric L. Miller, Monica I. Abrudan, Ian S. Roberts, Daniel E. Rozen
Apr 13, 2016; 8:1072-1090
Research Article

The Evolution of COP9 Signalosome in Unicellular and Multicellular Organisms

Emanuel Barth, Ron Hübler, Aria Baniahmad, Manja Marz
May 2, 2016; 8:1279-1289

Evolutionary Insights into RNA trans-Splicing in Vertebrates

Quan Lei, Cong Li, Zhixiang Zuo, Chunhua Huang, Hanhua Cheng, Rongjia Zhou
Mar 10, 2016; 8:562-577
Invited Review

Strikingly Bacteria-Like and Gene-Rich Mitochondrial Genomes throughout Jakobid Protists

Gertraud Burger, Michael W. Gray, Lise Forget, B. Franz Lang
Feb 22, 2013; 5:418-438
Research Article

Changes in snoRNA and snRNA Abundance in the Human, Chimpanzee, Macaque, and Mouse Brain

Bin Zhang, Dingding Han, Yuriy Korostelev, Zheng Yan, Ningyi Shao, Ekaterina Khrameeva, Boris M. Velichkovsky, Yi-Ping Phoebe Chen, Mikhail S. Gelfand, Philipp Khaitovich
Mar 23, 2016; 8:840-850
Research Article

Genome sequencing of the phytoseiid predatory mite Metaseiulus occidentalis reveals completely atomised Hox genes and super-dynamic intron evolution

Marjorie A. Hoy, Robert M. Waterhouse, Ke Wu, Alden S. Estep, Panagiotis Ioannidis, William J. Palmer, Aaron F. Pomerantz, Felipe A. Simao, Jainy Thomas, Francis M. Jiggins, Terence D. Murphy, Ellen J. Pritham, Hugh M. Robertson, Evgeny M. Zdobnov, Richard A. Gibbs, Stephen Richards
Mar 6, 2016; 0:481-48
Research Article