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Congratulations to 2018 SMBE Satellite and Regional Proposals

- “The Molecular Biology and Evolution of Cancer”
Jeffrey P. Townsend, Yale University, and Jason Somarelli, Duke Cancer Institute
Two-day workshop at Yale University

- “Towards an integrated concept of adaptation: uniting molecular population genetics and quantitative genetics”
Neda Barghi,  Joachim Hermisson, lse Höllinger, Christian Schlötterer, Institute of Population Genetics and University of Vienna
A four-day workshop, proposed February 11-14, 2019 in Vienna, Austria.

- “Identifying barriers to gene flow in the genome”
Mark Ravinet, University of Oslo; Michael Matschiner, University of Basel; Marina Rafajlović, University of Gothenburg; Simon Martin, University of Cambridge; and Chris Jiggins, University of Cambridge.
A three-day workshop proposed March-April, 2019 at Tjärnö Marine Biology Laboratory in Western Sweden. 

- “Computational Biology”
Daniel Sloan, Colorado State University; Aines Castro Prieto, Director of CSU’s Todos Santos Center, BCS, Mexico; Kim Hoke, Colorado State University; Taiowa Montgomery, Colorado State University; and Mark Stenglein, Colorado State University.
A regional workshop held April, 2019 in Todos Santos, Mexico

- “Evolutionary genomics at the human-environment interface”
Matt Ackerman, Hannes Svardal, Iliana Bista, and Richard Durbin, Cambridge/Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute; and Bosco Rusuwa, Benjamin Kumwenda, Arox Kamng’ona, and Patrick Musicha, University of Malawi;
An SMBE regional meeting to be held at Chancellor College, University of Malawi, Zomba, Malawi

- “TREE 2018”
Wynn Meyer, Sebastien Echeverri, Melissa Plakke, Caroline Turner, and Avery Russel, University of Pittsburgh.
An SMBE Regional Meeting September 22, 2018, in Pittsburgh, PAUSA

- “Population Genomics of Mobile DNA”
David Ray, Texas Tech University; Victoria Belancio, Tulane University; Wengeng An, South Dakota State University; Stéphane Boissinot, New York University Abu Dhabi, UAE; and Richard Cordaux, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) & University of Poitiers.
A symposium as part of the FASEB conference on “Mobile DNA” held in Rancho Mirage, CAUSAJune 23-28, 2019. 

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  • Monday, July 16, 2018
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Plan ahead for SMBE 2018!

For those who like to plan ahead: SMBE 2018, in Yokohama, Japan, is set to be July 8-12, 2018.

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  • Tuesday, April 18, 2017
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SMBE 2017 Important Information

Please note that the early-bird registration deadline for the 2017 SMBE annual meeting is fast approaching. Registration rates increase after April 12, 2017. Go to  http://www.smbe2017.org/registration/

Additionally, SMBE 2017 has re-opened the abstract submission system for late-breaking posters. The system will remain open until May 18, 2017. Go to smbe2017.org/abstracts/

The detailed program is now available online HERE.

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  • Friday, April 07, 2017
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1-day Symposium on Evolution of Gene Families

SMBE is sponsoring a 1-day Symposium on Evolution of Gene Families to take place on June 8, 2017 in Los Angeles, California.

See https://sites.google.com/usc.edu/smbe-egf-2017/ for more information. The travel award deadline is April 20, 2017 and the registration deadline is May 18, 2017.

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  • Monday, March 27, 2017
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Mitochondrial Genomics and Evolution – an SMBE Satellite Meeting, Israel, September 3-6, 2017.

Mitochondrial Genomics and Evolution – an SMBE Satellite Meeting, Israel, September 3-6, 2017.
Abstract Submission Deadline: June 29, 2017.
For more information, please visit mge2017.com.

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  • Tuesday, March 21, 2017
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Call for Proposals: SMBE Satellite Meetings

SMBE is now calling for proposals for workshops/satellite meetings to be held between Fall 2017 and Fall 2018. Funds will be awarded on a competitive basis to members of the molecular evolution research community to run workshops/satellite meetings on an important, focused, and timely topic of their choice.

The deadline for submission of proposals is April 10, 2017.

Please click "continue reading" for full details.

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  • Monday, March 13, 2017
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