Online Faculty Awards Symposium

Although we can’t have the in-person meeting this year, we are running the Faculty Awards Symposium online. The talks will be broadcast on our YouTube channel on Wednesday 1 July 17:00-18:30 GMT.  They run at 20 minutes each, followed by 10 minutes of live Q&A. Although talks will be recorded, this is your unique chance to meet and live-chat with our prize winners online! Please join us in watching the three talks from the award winners and chat and talk to the speakers using the YouTube comments and follow along on twitter with #SMBE2020Faculty.

YouTube playlist:

17:00 GMT: 2020 SMBE Allan Wilson Junior Award for Independent Research Winner: Iain Mathieson

17:30 GMT: 2020 Margaret Dayhoff Mid-Career Award Winner: Christian Landry

18:00 GMT: 2020 SMBE Motoo Kimura Lifetime Contribution Award Winner: Brian Charlesworth

Online Fitch Symposium

Videos will appear on the SMBE YouTube channel on 30 June, 2020 HERE
A detailed schedule may be found at the bottom of the page.

Detailed Fitch Symposium Schedule

 All start times are UTC/GMT.

UTC/GMT Speaker  Title of Presentation 
10:00:00 Emily Roycroft Museum genomics unlocks a historical record of extinction in Australia
15:00:00 Matt Shepherd  Gene regulatory network evolution through the rewiring of transcription factors 
15:30:00  Alina G Mikhaylova  Mitochondrial mutational spectrum in poikilothermic versus homeothermic vertebrates: effects of the temperature and lifespan
16:00:00 Hannes Dittberner
Blessing or curse?: Evolutionary significance of gene-flow between two endangered plant species 
16:30:00 Malgorzata Gazda
A genetic mechanism for sexual dichromatism in birds 
17:00:00 Rachel Moran  The genomic basis of postzygotic isolation underlying speciation via reinforcement in darters
17:30:00 Elora Hayter López  Asexual and sexual mutation inheritance in clonal coral colonies 
18:00:00 End of Program  


Please join us for the SMBE2020: GERMLINE / SOMA DISTINCTIONS Virtual symposium!

"Within-individual genome variation and germline / soma distinction"

Monday 29 June 2020 10h00-12h30 EDT (7h00-9h30 PDT, 16h00-18h30 CEST)

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