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GS1: SMBE Everywhere Launch: Presidential Plenary, SMBE Award Talks, Graduate Student Excellence Symposia, and Panel Discussion on Parachute Science 

Anyone wishing to submit an abstract for a poster presentation that does not fit into one of the specific themes of the GS series is welcome to submit an abstract to GS1.

Date: July 11, 2022               

14:00 - 22:00 UTC

Abstract submission deadline: CLOSED

Geo region/Timezone:

Launch event for the inaugural SMBE Everywhere Global Symposium Series, including past presidential and presidential plenaries, the Graduate Student Excellence Symposium, and a society-wide discussion with expert panelists on parachute science.

Online Program: HERE (please use the "Date" menu dropdown to select the July 11 event).


SMBE Presidential Address
James McInerney (Univ of Nottingham)

Faculty Research Award Winner Talks

Molly Schumer, (Stanford Univ), SMBE Early Career Research Excellence Award
Philipp Messer, (Cornell Univ), SMBE Mid-Career Research Excellence Award
Charles Aquadro (Cornell Univ), SMBE Lifetime Contribution Award

Graduate Student Excellence Symposium

Steven Fiddaman, University of Oxford
Jacob Steenwyk, University of California, Berkeley
Diana Cruz Dávalos, University of Lausanne
Jessica Warren, Arizona State University
Chris Kyriazis, UCLA
Robert Driver, East Carolina University
Caroline Weisman, Princeton University
Wendy Valencia-Montoya, Harvard University
Agneesh Barua, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIS

Parachute Science Panel Discussion:
 See HERE for more information!

Moderators: Harmit Malik (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center), María Avila (UNAM)

Stephen Wright (Univ of Toronto, Canada) and Sarah Schaack (Reed College, USA)

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