GS8: Genomics in a Changing World: Conservation, Invasive Species, and Climate Change

Date: 22nd February (23 February NZT)

Time: 9pm - 4am UTC (4pm-11pm EST on 22nd Feb and 10am-5pm 23 Feb in New Zealand)

Abstract submission deadline:

Geo region/Timezone:

Abstract: Climate change is rapidly facilitating changes in biological diversity and distributions across the globe. Genomic approaches can enable better understanding of the impacts of climate change on species and ecosystems - from the broad perspectives of adaptive potential under different future climate scenarios, to the genomic architecture underlying biological invasions, to its use in informing conservation decisions. This symposium will feature talks on these three topics, with a common focus towards understanding rapid evolutionary responses in fluctuating and changing environments. Talks will highlight areas for future research, encourage new collaboration - particularly with respect to indigenous perspectives - and identify gaps in knowledge that need to be addressed.

Invited Speakers:
Carol Eunmi Lee (Univ of Wisconsin, USA), Kara Layton (Univ of Aberdeen, UK), Maui Hudson (Univ of Waikato, NZ), Alana Alexander (Univ of Otago, NZ)         

Ang McGaughran (Univ of Waikato), Manpreet Dhami (Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research), Priscilla Salloum (Univ of Otago), Michael Knapp (Univ of Otago), Pascale Lubbe (Univ of Otago)

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