Best Poster Award

Best Poster for Postdoctoral Fellows

2019  Yevgeniy Raynes, Brown University 

Migration promotes mutator alleles in subdivided populations
Migration promotes mutator alleles in subdivided populations 
Migration promotes mutator alleles in subdivided populations
  Yirong Wang, Peking University 

Biosynthetic energy cost for amino acids decreases in cancer evolution [PO-739] 

Joachim Surm, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Joachim Surm, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem 
The draft genome of Actinia tenebrosa reveals insights into the evolution of venom innovations [PO-528]
2018 Joel M. Alves

Poster authors and title: Joel M Alves*, Miguel Carneiro, Jade Y Cheng, Ana Lemos de Matos, Masmudur M Rahman, Liisa Loog, Anders Eriksson, Grant McFadden, Rasmus Nielsen, Thomas P Gilbert, Pedro J Esteves, Nuno Ferrand, Francis M Jiggins

  • Historical and modern rabbit populations reveal parallel adaptation to myxoma virus across two continents 
  Dorota Paczesniak  Poster authors and title: Dorota Paczesniak*, Marco Pellino, Devan Guenter, Siegfried Jahnke, Andreas Fischbach, John T. Lovell, Timothy F. Sharbel

  • Tissue specific ploidy variation in sexual and apomictic seeds
  Kentaro M. Tanaka 

Poster authors and title: Kentaro M. Tanaka*, Yoshitaka Kamimura, Aya Takahashi

  • Deciphering genetic basis and copulatory effect underlying the rapid diversification of male genitalia between sibling species of Drosophila melanogaster
2017 Marc Tollis Arizona State University, USA
  Elizabeth Atkinson Stony Brook University, USA
  Atahualpa Castillo Morales University of Bath, UK
2016 Paolo Franchini  University of Konstanz, Germany 
  Hilary Martin Sanger Institute, UK
2015 Matthew Hansen University of Pennsylvania, USA
2014  Pontus Skoglund Harvard Medical School, USA
  Clement Chow Cornell University, USA
2012 Henrik DeFine Licht Lund University, Sweden
Way Sung Indiana University, USA
2011 Christopher Illingworth Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, UK
Valer Gotea National Human Genome Research Institute, USA
2010 Grzegorz Kudla University of Edinburgh, UK
2009 Joshua Shapiro University of Chicago, USA
Olivier Fedrigo Duke University, USA
2008 Mathew D. Dean University of Arizona, USA
Wayne Delport University of Cape Town, South Africa
D. Allan Drummond Harvard University, USA
Siobain Duffy The Pennsylvania State University, USA
Felicity Jones Stanford University, USA
Vini Pereira University of Sussex, UK
2007 Jixin Deng University of North Carolina, USA
Yasuhiro Go Harvard University, USA
Sasha Levy New York University, USA
Masafumi Nozawa Pennsylvania State University, USA
Thane Papke Dalhousie University, Canada
Shigeru Saito Iwate University, Japan
2006 Heather Norton University of Arizona, USA
2005 Kate Johnston University College Dublin, Ireland
Scott Roy Harvard University, USA

Best Poster for Graduate Students

2019  Kirsten Verster, University of California - Berkeley
Horizontal transfer of bacterial cytolethal distending toxin genes to insects [PO-004]
  Yan Ling Iris Chiu, University of Toronto 

Functional adaptations of dim-light vision in aquatic environments [PO-147]
  James Horton, University of Bath  Remarkably Repeatable Rewiring of Gene Regulation in Pseudomonas fluorescens [PO-643]
2018  Maria A. Spyrou 

Poster authors and title: Maria A. Spyrou*, Marcel Keller, Rezeda I. Tukhbatova, Elisabeth Nelson, Don Walker, Sacha Kacki, Dominique Castex, Sandra Loesch, Michaela Harbeck , Alexander Herbig, Kirsten I Bos, Johannes Krause

  • Historical Y. pestis genomes provide insights into the initiation and progression of the second plague pandemic 
  Geno Guerra 

Poster authors and title: Geno Guerra*, Rasmus Nielsen

  • Composite Likelihood Estimation of Phylogenies from Genomic Data using Coalescent Theory 
  Xueying C. Li 

Poster authors and title: Xueying C. Li*, David Peris, Chris Todd Hittinger, Elaine A. Sia, Justin C. Fay

  • Mitochondrial-encoded genes contribute to thermal divergence between Saccharomyces species 
 2017 James Fleming
University of Bristol, UK
  Pinglin Cao
Tohoku University, Japan
  Magdalena Kubiak
Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland 
2016 Federico Gaiti
University of Queensland, Australia
  Kristina Vanessa Klaus University of Bochum, Germany
  Guangying Wang
Chinese Academy of Sciences, China 
2015  Cong Liang Yale University Systems Biology Institute, USA
  Chuan Li University of Michigan, USA
  Charles Pugh  University of Florida, USA
  Evgeni Frenkel Harvard University, USA
2014  Francesco Nicola Carelli Universite de Lausanne, Switzerland
  Steven Reilly  Yale University, USA 
2012 Yves Clement Max Planck Institute For Molecular Genetic, Germany
2011 Ryuichi Sugino Graduate University for Advanced Studies, Japan
Ding He Uppsala University, Sweden
2010 Sidi Chen University of Chicago, USA
2009 Daniel Skelly University of Washington, USA
Kerry A. Geiler Harvard University, USA
David Garfield Duke University, USA
2008 David Álvarez-Ponce Universitat de Barcelona, Spain
Susan Lott University of Chicago, USA
Julien Roux University of Lausanne, Switzerland
Sarah Schaack Indiana University, USA
Sandra Trindade Instituto Gulbenkian, Lisbon, Portugal
Nicolas Vinckenbosch University of Lausanne, Switzerland
2007 Jennifer Becq Université Paris Diderot, Paris 7, France
Trevor Bedford Harvard University, USA
William Ferguson Queens College, City University of New York, USA
Mira Han Indiana University, USA
June Keay University of Oregon, USA
David Plachetzki University of California Santa Barbara, USA
2006 D. Allan Drummond California Institute of Technology, USA
2005 Katja Nowick Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Germany

Best Poster for Undergraduate Students

 2019 Sarah Medley, Oakland University 

Evolutionary trends in epitopes and low complexity regions of multiple Plasmodium species [PO-309] 
  Zane Kliesmete, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich  The regulatory and coding sequences of Trnp1 co-evolve with cortical folding in mammals [PO-355] 
  Imtiyaz Enayatali Hariyani, New York University Abu Dhabi  Speciation and transposable element amplification in the Ethiopian frog species complex Ptychadena neumanni [PO-480] 
2018  Abdulla Daanaa 

Poster authors and title: Hassan Sibroe Abdulla Daanaa*, Ali Mostafa Anwar

  • Evidence that the motility organelle of Mycoplasma pneumoniae is under translational selection and insights on its pathogenic lifestyle 
  Sara El Shawa 

Poster authors and title: Sara El-Shawa*, Rob Ness

  • The effect of genetic connectivity on the strength of natural selection in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii 
   Kara Boyer

Poster authors and title: Kara Boyer*, Nicole Creanza, Maanasa Raghavan

  • Linguistics as a Complementary Metric for Human Migration History and the Peopling of the Americas 
2017 Isabela Jeronimo Bezerra Marcos  Universidade Federal da Paraíba, Brazil 
  Joseph Palmer
University of Sheffield, UK 
  Dan Werndly  Curtin University, Australia
2014 Gwenna Breton Uppsala University, Sweden
2012 Katharine Owers Uppsala University, Sweden
2011 Sarah Erb Indiana University, USA
Thomas Weighill Stellenbosch University, South Africa
2010 Jae Young Choi University of Toronto

Best Poster Information

In 2005, the SMBE Council decided to present at each meeting one or more Best Poster Prizes for Postdoctoral Fellows and Graduate Students. In 2010, a Best Poster Prize for undergraduate students was added.

The poster prizes are decided by a committee convened by the President-Elect. Poster prizes consist of up to 9 prizes of $500 each, to be distributed in the 3 categories of postdoc, graduate student, and undergraduate prizes.

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