Satellite & Regional Meetings


These are workshops or small, topically focused meetings with fewer than 100 participants that are organized and held independent of the SMBE annual meeting. In the past five years, SMBE has supported multiple satellite meetings on diverse topics.


SMBE will promote interdisciplinary research and extend its actions worldwide by sponsoring (1) joint meetings with meetings of other societies; symposia or plenary lectures on molecular biology and evolution at meetings whose primary focus is not molecular evolution; (2) regional meetings outside the US, Europe, and Japan; (3) small regional meetings in the US, Europe, or Japan targeted towards PhD students and postdocs with the purpose of helping them develop their presentation skills and facilitate networking. This year, given the various international COVID travel restrictions, we are particularly interested in receiving applications for regional meetings on any topic that falls within the research scope represented by our society. 

Please consult our archive for further information on previous satellite, regional and interdisciplinary meetings HERE.

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