Congratulations to the inaugural winners of the SMBE Allan Wilson Junior Award for Independent Research, SMBE Margaret Dayhoff Mid-Career Award, SMBE Community Service Award and the SMBE Motoo Kimura Lifetime Contribution Award!!

2016 SMBE Allan Wilson Junior Award for Independent Research

Joanna Kelley

Dr. Joanna Kelley is an Assistant Professor in the School of Biological Sciences at Washington State University. She runs an evolutionary genomics laboratory that focuses on high-throughput genome    sequencing and computational approaches to analyzing big data in genomics. Her research focuses on  understanding the genomic basis for adaptation to extreme environments. She received her B.A. in  mathematics and biology with honors from Brown University, working with Johanna Schmitt. She earned  her Ph.D. in Genome Sciences from the University of Washington under Willie Swanson. As a postdoctoral  researcher at the University of Chicago in Human Genetics with Molly Przeworski, she received a National Institutes of Health Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award. Dr. Kelley was also a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Genetics at Stanford University with Carlos Bustamante.

2016 SMBE Margaret Dayhoff Mid-Career Award
Stephen I. Wright  

Stephen I. Wright is an Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair in Population Genomics at the University of Toronto. He completed an M.Sc. at McGill University with Dan Schoen and Thomas Bureau, his PhD with Deborah Charlesworth at the University of Edinburgh, and a postdoctoral fellowship with Brandon Gaut at the University of California Irvine.  His research interests focus on plant population and e Evolutionary genomics, with a particular interest in the genomic consequences of mating system evolution, quantification of genome-wide positive and negative selection, and the evolution of transposable elements.

2016 SMBE Community Service Award
Bill Martin

As a scientist, Bill Martin has furthered our understanding of life's early history with contributions to the  study of physiology, gene transfer and endosymbiosis in microbial evolution. He has served SMBE for well  over a decade. As the Editor-in-Chief of MBE 2003-2008, he fostered growth of the journal and the society  while helping to usher SMBE into the age of electronic publishing. In 2009 he founded SMBE’s second journal, Genome Biology and Evolution, which was the first society-owned, open-access journal in the  biological sciences.  He has served as the Editor-in-Chief of GBE since its inception, overseeing the journal’s  contribution to the society and its benefit to the field. Bill is a fellow in the American Academy for  Microbiology, a member of EMBO, and has been Chair of the Institute of Molecular Evolution at the University of Dusseldorf since 1999.  

2016 SMBE Motoo Kimura Lifetime Contribution Award
Nancy Moran

Nancy Moran’s long-term interests are in the evolution of biological complexity, such as that apparent in c complex life histories, in intimate interactions among species and in species-diversity of clades and communities. Her research has focused extensively on symbiosis, particularly between multicellular hosts and microbes.  In her storied career, she has demonstrated ancient coevolution between aphids and their plant hosts, and has characterized mutualistic symbiotic interactions between aphids and Buchnera bacteria and between other insect and symbiont clades. She found that these mutualisms are ancient, dating to the origins of major insect clades, and that the long term vertical transmission of the bacterial symbionts has caused extreme genome degradation and shrinkage. Her ongoing projects include phylogenetic and genomic studies of previously unstudied insect symbioses, experiments on gene expression of symbionts within hosts, computational reconstruction of the content and arrangement of genes in bacterial ancestors, and experimental investigations of coevolved gut communities within social bees. She has previously been awarded a MacArthur Fellowship and the International Prize for Biology, and has been a member of that National Academy of the Sciences since 2004. She is currently the Leslie Surginer Endowed Professor in the Department of Integrative Biology at the University of Texas, Austin. 

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